Monitoring Systems

This section introduces the main features and specifications of each Monitoring Systems. Envitech Europe provide several types of Monitoring, data logging and control systems for various applications, including Climate Control uses. These data loggers are complete solution for monitoring of temperature, humidity and other values using in the Climate Control field.
Following tabs are the support list Envitech Europe provided for user's choice.


Monitoring, Data Logging and Control System Surveyor



 Envitech Europe Surveyor

General Aspects


The Surveyor data logger is a small, ultra low power, cost effective data logger with built-in 4G cellular modem. This small data logger, is further provided with an internal temperature sensor, 8GB micro SD card and a 2FF SIM card slot. The data logger is available with several power provisions a/o: 3.6 Volt Lithium battery, 8..28V DC-input or integrated solar panel with 3 x AA NiMH charger.
The data logger can acquire physical signals by 2 current loop inputs, 2 voltage inputs, 1 potentiometer input and 3 digital inputs. More or special inputs can be added by means of internal stackable option boards/converters. The data logger is provided with one serial port to capture measurements from ASCII, MODBUS, NMEA or SDI-12 compatible sensors. External sensors can be powered by the data logger itself, to prevent them to consume power while the data logger is a sleep. Up to 8 mathematical channels are available to calculate meaningful engineering values derived from sensor input values (e.g. a polynomial to calculate a flow from a stream level). Supports up to 8 aggregation channels (e.g. to record 2 or 10 minute windspeed averages sampled at 1Hz). Logged data can be pushed to a central host by HTTP(S), FTP(S), e-mail, secure TCP or MQTT at configurable intervals and optionally by satellite as well (Iridium SBD).

TheSurveyor is available with: 4G Global (LTE-M) with 2G fall-back or 4G Europe (LTE Cat 1) with 2G fall-back or 4G North-America (LTE Cat 1)
When equipped with the integrated solar panel a complete self providing remote monitoring station can be arranged, all you need is a data logger and applicable sensor(s). This self providing cellular data logger is costs saving, because you don't need: a) solar panels, b) big batteries, c) cellular modem and d) encapsulating cabinet.



Main Features



    • 4G Cellular Data Logger
    • 8GB Data Storage
    • Solar, Battery or DC Powered
    • 12V@200mA Sensor Excitation
    • Analog & Digital Inputs
    • Derived Inputs
    • RS232, R485 & SDI-12
    • ASCII, MODBUS & NMEA-0183
    • TCP, FTP(S), HTTP(S), e-Mail, MQTT
    • CSV, TXT, JSON & JPG Files
    • Alarm Output & SMS
    • IP68, IP67 or IP54 Enclosure
    • Remote Configuration




    • Several option boards
    • Camera (JPG)
    • Iridium Satellite Modem
    • GPS Receiver




Main Specifications


Derived Inputs
  • 8x calculation channels, using mathematical operators and functions (a/o cos, sin, atan2, ln, sqrt).
  • 8x aggregation channels, min/max, average, gust, std dev and up to 3 different percentiles sampled at 1Hz max.

Accessory Port (1x RS-232 & 5V excitation, to connect and power a GPS receiver, Iridium SBD modem, JPG camera or TFT-display)

Built-in cellular modem (2 different models)
  • 4G (LTE-M & Quad-band GPRS fall-back)
  • 4G (LTE-Cat 1 for Europe or North-America)
  • 2FF (Class B) SIM-CARD slot.
  • Integrated GSM antenna, external GSM antenna optional.
Configuration by: USB (local) or secure TCP tunnel (remote)

Power consumption
  • 60mA@3.6V average operating2) current during a duty cycle of less than 1 sec3) per log interval.
  • 250mA@3.6V average operating current during 20 to 60 seconds cellular communication.
  • <80uA@3.6V sleep current.
  • 12V@200mA excitation to power external sensors.
Power supply (5 different editions)
  • (3)LI : (3x) 3.6V D-Size SAFT-LSH20 Lithium battery 4)
  • PV : 1Wp Integrated solar panel and 3x AA NiMH charger
  • SLA : 12V SLA battery charger and 21VOC solar panel input
  • DC: 8..28V DC input and integrated 3x AA NiMH charger
Enclosure (5 different editions)
  • (3)LI /SLA/DC: IP68 (30min@2m), 130x120x85mm, 460g.
  • PV : IP67, 130x120x125mm, 530g.
  • TFT: IP54, 130x120x85mm, 600g.
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate.
  • Wide temperature operating range -30°C to +75°C
Data Logging
  • 1 second to 1 day intervals.
  • Regular, alarm and independent intervals.
  • Daily operation time bracket (e.g. 07:00AM to 20:00PM or 21:00PM - 06:00AM)
  • 8GB micro SD-Card (file storage), 512kB (program storage), 64kB SRAM (runtime memory).
Data push
  • 1 minute to 1 day intervals.
  • Regular and alarm intervals.
  • Direct push on alarm raise and fall.
  • Daily operation time bracket (e.g. 07:00AM to 20:00PM)
  • Native TXT, JSON or CSV log files by HTTP( SLL/TLS), FTP (TLS Explicit), e-Mail (SMTP) ,
    secure TCP (AES-128) or MQTT.
  • JPG pictures by HTTP(S), FTP(S), e-Mail , TCP or MQTT.
  • SBD messages by Iridium satellite modems (960x)
  • Alerts by SMS, e-Mail and MQTT.
  • Open collector output (max. 100mA sink current)
Internal Sensors
  • Battery (voltage and rest capacity)
  • Processor temperature
  • GSM signal strength
Analog Inputs (12bit resolution & <0.1% FS accuracy)
  • 2x current loop inputs (0/4..20mA, 150 Ohm impedance)
  • 2x voltage inputs (0..10V)
  • 1x potentiometer input (max. 10M Ohm)
Digital Inputs (0..5V)
  • 3x state, On-time meter or pulse counter (max. 10kHz)
Serial Input (1x RS-232, RS-485 or SDI-12)
  • SDI-12 (up to 15 devices, max 20 channels per device)
  • MODBUS RTU/ASCII (read registers from up to 15 slaves)
  • NMEA-0183 (standard and custom sentences)
  • ASCII (sensors outputting readable lines of numeric values)

Monitoring, Data Logging and Control System MS6R +Rack Option


The complete solution for monitoring of temperature, humidity and other values


 Envitech Europe MS6R

Main Features


    • Universal Sixteen channels data logger is designed for data acquisition from sensors of variety values 
    • Temperature, humidity, current, voltage, binary inputs
    • Capacity up to 480 000 recorded values
    • Audio and optical alarm functions
    • Communication - RS232,RS485,USB,Ethernet,GSM
    • Control of external devices
    • Included traceable calibration certificate







General Aspects


This Envitech Europe Climate Control data acquisition system has this main advantage - user configurable inputs from PC program without any need to open the data logger unit. Each data logger contains 16 inputs for measurement and record of both analog and two-state values. Each input is individually configurable from user PC program to one from 17 measuring ranges. Also signals from sensors working on RS485 bus with ModBus or EnviDAQ can be recorded.

This MS6R Envitech Europe product is designed for mounting to 19" rack, for desktop use with rubber feet and has four control buttons and 32 alarm LEDs.



Main Specifications


  • Memory type: internal backed-up SRAM memory
  • Total memory capacity: 2MB (up to 480 000 values)
  • Dimensions with plugged connectors: 483 x 230 x 44 mm (W x D x H) - one rack unit 1U
  • Data logging modes: noncyclic - logging stops after filling the memory; cyclic - after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
  • Data logging interval: adjustable individually for all input channels from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Real time clock: year, leap year, month, day, hour, minute, second, backed-up by Lithium battery
  • Power: 24Vdc, consumption of data logger itself approximately 80 mA
  • Supported interface for communication with computer: RS232,USB interface, RS485, Ethernet interface LAN - optional.


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