Envidas FW Reporter

EnvidasFW Reporter, a trademark of Envitech Europe, is a Windows XP/2000/NT/98, application for supervisory control, management analysis and reporting of data within an Environmental, Meteorological or Hydrological monitoring station. This application works in conjunction with the Envidas for Windows database implemented in MSDE or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 PE.
EnvidasFW Reporter allows, as a data management program, use to view, analyze, report and distribute environmental quality data and information products across the full range of media. It runs under Win98 or NT/2000/XP. It provides comprehensive access to information collected by the Envidas for Windows (EnvidasFW) and stored in SQL Server on an 98/NT/2000 workstation.  Because the system data is stored in open database architecture, system users can access the data and create information products with a wide variety of commercial and customer developed applications.


Envitech Europe Envidas for Windows Reporter

Main Features


  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP OS.
  • 32-bit application.
  • MSDE or SQL Server 2000 PE database.
  • Open system architecture.
  • Multi-lingual design.
  • Multi-document interface.
  • Completely menu-driven.
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Optional Intranet or Internet web site
  • Optional Voice Information System
  • Optional Alarm SMS Messages Module

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