Published: 16/03/2010

Added Dynamic Dashboard Displays (Triple-D) application

The Envitech Europe Triple-D (Dynamic Dashboard Displays) Public Information Software package is used to present environmental monitoring information and data to the public. It creates public information presentations that are then displayed on flat panel displays, kiosks and TV screens. The Triple-D software is dependent on the configuration of the air monitoring network from which data will be displayed.

This Envitech Europe software is written in C# .net language and built on WPF technology.It installed on a local PC that drives the display or kiosk. Typically this PC is a small industrial unit or laptop. For example the unit may be packaged within the base of the kiosk or behind the wall holding the large display.

Data from a central data management system is used in the displays. If the Triple-D PC is connected to a WAN containing the central data management database, it can receive data directly from that database. More commonly data collected by the central data system is automatically exported to a local copy of the network database. This data transfer can be done over a modem connection using the CommCenter software. The local database on the Triple-D PC is set up using the Envista ARM Setup program.


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